Colossal Statue of Ramesses || - Luxor Temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Thebes, Egypt

Colossal Statue of Ramesses II – Luxor Temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Thebes, Egypt North Africa

“For ICOMOS it is axiomatic that where cultural heritage is concerned tourism development cannot be described as sustainable if heritage protection, safeguarding and actions in favour of conservation are compromised over the short, medium and long term.”  

Sue Millar. President ISC Cultural Tourism 2011 – 2017


ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC) is a global network of cultural heritage, conservation and tourism professionals & academics. We play a pivotal role in research, providing a platform for cutting-edge transversal thinking, developing policy directions and providing advice & expertise at local national and international levels including to UNESCO, UNWTO & IUCN.

Governments, communities and business are keen to exploit cultural & heritage resources as strategic priorities for sustainable tourism development. A process accelerated by the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

Cultural tourism’s escalating popularity as a leisure pastime – often part of mass tourism – has led to increasing concern about better safeguarding and conservation of cultural heritage in the tourism context especially but not exclusively at UNESCO World Heritage sites.

ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter 1999 remains a key standard setting document ( ICTC is currently undertaking a review to reflect on the significant changes in the cultural tourism environment in the 21st century: including ‘mass cultual tourism’, the democratisation of heritage values and acknowledgement of tourists as vital stakeholders – alongside local communities – in heritage protection at cultural heritage tourism destinations.

ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee – Upcoming events

December 2017

  • Cultural Heritage Conservation & Sustainable Tourism for Development – “The Florence Declaration” will be presented to ICOMOS 19th General Assembly in Delhi, India
  • ICTC Annual Meeting & Triennial Officer Elections take place in Delhi, 9 December
  • ICTC Sundarbans Study Visit & Workshop – Sundarbans UNESCO WHS, West Bengal, India – in partnership with & West Bengal Government, 4-8 December
  • ICTC & ICOMOS Canada Workshop Operationalizing Community-Focused Cultural Tourism Management and Biodiversity Planning and Outcomes at Proposed Indigenous World Heritage Sites part of The Nature-Culture Journey thematic session in the Scientific Symposium at  ICOMOS 19th General Assembly Delhi India 13 – 14 December